Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Dealing with Food while Fasting
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I have had my two cups of black coffee.

I drank 3 quarts of water so far.

I had 3 of 5 of those lovely Optifast shakes.

And because I am a Stay-at-Home Dad, I just finished cooking the Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken for the kids for dinner tonight.  I volunteered to get on out of here right after and take my son to fencing class. I am trying a new “Get Active” tact. Get out there, get active, and get away from the kitchen.

It was actually not that hard to walk away from it… I remembered my motto:

“One Shake at a time… One Day at a time…”

And I remembered how great I will look after this is all over…

So, I set the chicken down and I slowly eased myself backwards out of the kitchen and I sat down with a glass of water and a lovely shake of the Chocolate Variety!


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