Day 2 and I am still here!

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Day to Day
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I am amazed. I woke up this morning and I was still alive.

One full day of shakes and I did not wake up starving with my stomach rumbling. I was not in a bad mood and I did not think the world was going to end. I thought to myself, “OK, I am still here!”

I did some work in the morning. I was talking with my wife about her brother from Washington, D.C. that is coming in for the weekend. Her mother is planning all kinds of eating out events. I guess you need to know that her son and her husband share birthdays that are a few days apart. So the very beginning of March is a very happy time for her and it also means she has lots of planning to do as the men in her life are all expecting a nice birthday party out of her. With this in mind, my wife was trying to discuss with me how we will handle the “no food” or Optifast thing.  So she turns to me and says, in all her sweetness and honesty, “You’ll just have to have a boiled chicken breast and a small salad.” And I looked and her and replied, “Ah, no, sorry, you know this is a liquid fast, I just cannot do that.” There was some silence and I said, “I will have to figure out if I want to sit and talk with some coffee and just explain it or if I just want to let them all go out and I go for a drive or a walk or something like that.”  So, I do have some homework to do. The first weekend is approaching. A food and drinking weekend celebration. Like every other weekend all year-long. This time I have to figure out how I can go through it with Seltzer, Diet Gum, Coffee, and Optifast Shakes.

I have a picture that I want to share. I am almost too embarrassed to show it. Everyone tells me it looks great but to me it is a horror. I, even at my age, am a semi-professional football player. I am in two separate Semi-Pro Hall of Fames. I have won the National Championship three times. I am considered on of the best centers in the world. I think this is mainly due to my weight.  No one is coming through the middle of the line with me in the middle. Heck, all I have to do is fall down and no one can come through the line. So here is a picture of me after I slammed up the middle of the field from the 5 yard line and then fell on a pile of guys from the other team. Our running back then jumped on my back and rolled off into the end zone and scored. It was the touchdown that sealed our victory and sent us to Florida for our Third National Title.

Oh God…. How could I actually look that way… I just cannot get over it… And that actually looks good because I have leg pads and shoulder pads on…  Well there it is… It is out…

Day 2 is really the motto at its best… One shake at a time… One day at a time….

I cannot say the afternoons are not hard… I am trying to get a handle on what it is I am feeling and when but it is only the second day… But about 3pm I start to slow down… By 4pm I am hungry… By 5pm I really want to go lay down and take a nap and try to forget that it is dinner time… It is really not a high activity time for me. I am not thinking — Tennis, Basketball, Run, Aerobics Class… — I am more thinking I am run down and tired  and want to eat.  So I need to take that back to my group on Tuesday and discuss. I need to find a coping mechanism for that 3pm to say 7pm time frame. No eating and drinking alcohol but some other activity that fills my soul and not my mouth.

  1. You body will adjust to the changes in eating. Trust me, part of the hunger is mental.

    I’ve been on a diet for a year and most of the time I don’t notice hunger anymore.

    Congrats on trying to drop some weight and changing your lifestyle.

    I am a firm believer of hermit mode. Especially early in a diet. It is just too easy to get derailed when you don’t already have a full head of steam going.

    Good luck.

    The Grumpy Man

    • I would reply but I am in hermit mode.
      I think that is the perfect way to put it.
      Thanks for your comments.
      Congrats on the 100 — what a great number!
      I look forward to joining your club in the future.
      I took a look at your blog and added it to my site as a favorite!
      I agree Walmart just drives you crazy. You cannot trust any date that Walmart, Target or Amazon give you!

  2. I can’t wait to read where you are on week 2 and you start seeing your success! 🙂 When is your first weigh in?

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