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Posted: March 6, 2011 in Day to Day
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Everyone has that wedding photo.  The one where you say that was where you looked the best. Well, I am no loser when it comes to that one. When I got married my wife (then to be) and I decided we would take a year and train for the NYC Marathon.  We got a book on how to train for the Marathon and we ran our little butts off. We ran 5 days a week and on the weekends we took an extra long run. Sometimes we would run from midtown Manhattan down to the Battery and get a bottle of water and sit by the water and then we would run all the way back. We trained and trained and when we got married (in September almost exactly two months before the Marathon) we looked fantastic.

By the way, we went on our honeymoon and then we got back and we stopped running and we never spoke of the Marathon again. I think it was simply a way to get in great shape before the wedding.

So here it is — The Spectacular Wedding Photo (9/9/95):

My goal on Optifast is to get back to this and actually get below it.

I am 6’5″ and on my wedding day I actually weighed myself and I was 254 lbs.

My plan and my goal is to get down to 225 lbs. (by the way still Obese for my height) and try to maintain it. I never want to pop up above my wedding weight again. This is a lofty goal I know. In a previous post I put my actual weight at the start of this week.  Let’s just say that I have more than 200 lbs. to lose.

 I know I can do it and I am not scared or apprehensive. Honestly, it is the first time I think I have looked in the mirror in all these years and seen myself. Not the weight mind you. Not the body image. I have yet in all my life been able to actually see that. But today I saw through this flesh and bone and saw myself. Just a glimpse. Just for a second. The crazy thing is… I know I am in there. Before today, before that very moment, I had no idea who I was.  I found someone who I think is worth getting to know.

Today was Day 4 and it is not hard to see others eat or drink. I do not really feel very hungry most of the time. I am kind of bored and I wish I had more to do.  A great excuse to get out there and do more, but I am not sure yet what that is. I did some reading. I worked in the yard (the trees are starting to pop in North Carolina). I ran some errands. I kind of went through the motions. But I stuck with it. My end of the week is Tuesday Night. I know the numbers are going to be pretty big.  Mostly because of the amount I have to lose, but also because my favorite pair of jeans that were really tight which I refused to admit sure feel like there is a little more breathing room in them!

 Hope all of you are having a good weekend!

  1. Congratz on the success so far. The only wedding shot I have was at a friends wedding in 07 when I was at my peak weight. Ouch! I hate that picture.

    Keep up the great work.

    The Grumpy Man

  2. Thanks. After a couple of recent stalls, it was nice to have a big week.

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