Popcorn with Extra Butter!

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Day to Day, Dealing with Food while Fasting
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Today was movie day. My two kids were begging to go see Rango. So we went to the 4pm show.  I took and Optifast before we got there. I had one in my wife’s purse for an emergency and I had one in the car for after.  Believe it or not, I made it through without eating anything.  I did have some Diet Coke but two of those a day are allowed on Optifast.  There was no way I drank two of those.

I did smell the box of popcorn and it smelled great but I was not tempted to eat any of it.  It is really true that once you are on this diet and committed you just do not want to cheat or eat something.

I got to thinking about what I would have eaten if I went there two weeks ago. I would have eaten a whole bucket of buttered popcorn.  I know this because we always got the biggest one… We got EXTRA BUTTER please. Then I would eat most of it and send my kids back to get a free refill of both diet soda and the bucket of popcorn.  When we were done both buckets were empty.

Now I have two regular sized kids. They are really great and do not have a weight problem (So far, Knock Wood).  So I know they barely ate anything out of those two big buckets. But let’s just say I ate one. According to Diet Bites they say that a large bucket of buttered popcorn is just about 1,650 calories.  I would have got home after the popcorn and Diet Soda and said that my stomach was bothering me and I would have had a big dinner on top of it.

Here is the photo booth picture of them after the movie: (I figured I could splurge on the picture since I had saved all the money on not buying junk for me to eat!)

I sat there in the dark with my kids and figured out each time I went to the movies it had to be close to a 5,000 calorie day.  But today I had my gum, I had an emergency Optifast shake if I needed it, I had some tic tacs and I had diet soda.  So it was a calorie free event for me.  — And it was fine.

When this is all over, and I go to the movies with my kids, I need to look back at this post, and I need to go with the same equipment — gum, tic tacs, diet soda and perhaps a backup protein or some fruit and veggies. You can go to the movies and watch and not collect close to 2,000 calories just sitting there watching…

All in all, it was a great weekend, and the week will start strong tomorrow.

Tuesday’s weigh-in comes ever closer.


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