Happy Birthday to [insert name here]…

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Day to Day, Dealing with Food while Fasting
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Deep into week 3 of Optifast — the full fasting diet.

I have been true to the shakes for almost three weeks now. Optifast does have soup (if you can call it that) and some diet bars (yuck!). I prefer to look at the whole thing as medicine to keep me alive. I prefer to have a “Food Timeout”.  I don’t have to prepare it or touch it or deal with shopping for it — It is a complete food holiday.  And the shakes are medicine… Just plug your nose and move on.  I know those of you who are on Optifast that are reading this must be thinking of all those great recipes to make Optifast better. You can add ice and flavorings and extracts.  Look folks, that just makes more of it to try to get down.  No sir. For me, I just swill it down and try not to throw up.

So it was a very busy week and weekend for me.  I had several nights where I had to stay up all night.  For those of you who do not know, I trade currencies for a living and the two that I trade the most is the Euro and the Yen.  With what has happened in Japan, I have had several sleepless nights.  Then the weekend came and I was incredibly scheduled with kid events.  The topper for the weekend?  I had to attend a kids birthday party.

Kids birthday parties are always full of Pizza and Cake.  I survived the Pizza pretty well and I brought a shake to get through it all.  This was a pretty active birthday so I was expected to run all around and stay pretty busy. Then finally the cake —

I remembered how “Diary of an Angry Fat Woman” (See Link on Left) had stared down the most amazing Carmel Cake recently. I thought to myself, if she can stare down that cake, I can surely stare down this one. I mean this is chocolate, not my favorite, and had pretty whipped frosting, again not my favorite.  Besides who wants to see a large adult fat man push all those kids out of the way and throw himself on a birthday cake?  There would be some pity by those that think it is incredible that I have gone three weeks without eating solid food (Are you hungry? You must be very hungry? Is this good for you?). But honestly no one likes to see kids knocked around even if the double half gainer would have scored a 9.8 at the olympics.

So, I kept busy and served the cake. I felt proud to be one of the “in thins” that rejected the cake. I just said, “No thank you”. One woman actually said that Cake made her break out in a rash and so she has to say no. I mean come on…. Just say, “No Thanks…”

I made it through again.  One shake at a time. One day at a time.  Tomorrow is the big weigh in…

  1. Great job with the cake. 😀

    I’m not a huge cake fan but that doesn’t mean once the smell of sliced cake hits the nose, I don’t want to dive head first into the cake.

    So great job staring down the cake and saying No thanks.

    The Grumpy Man

  2. That was a great post OL! You did awesome! Thanks for giving me the shout out. I know how tough it is. Didn’t passing out the cake help you stay distracted? I know it did me! Help me … that Caramel cake smelled as good as I KNOW it tasted! haha! Good JOB! 🙂

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