Weigh-In — End of Week 6

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Weigh-in
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Week 6 is over. This week was the easiest so far. After last week, which was very hard, this was very easy. It was like I was cruising through the week.  I was pretty busy and active.  I was not very hungry.  I did wake up at night and feel my stomach begging for food, but I drank water (Water!) and went back to bed. I was fine.  Honestly it was just kind of over before it began.  I kind of lost myself in time.  That makes it easy. If you can stay busy and lose yourself a little bit, then the week of fasting goes by quicker.

This week is -5.0 lbs.

Starting Weight: 449.8 lbs.

  • Week:           Weight           Week loss         Total Loss           
  • Week 1:          422.8                -27.0                -27.0
  • Week 2:          414.6                  -8.2                -35.2
  • Week 3:          406.8                 – 7.8               -43.0
  • Week 4:          395.0                -11.8               -54.8
  • Week 5:          389.8                  -5.2               -60.0
  • Week 6:          384.8                  -5.0               -65.0

Before: Starting Weight 449.8 lbs.                                                                                      After: Ending Weight 384.8 lbs. -5.0 lbs.

  1. WTG!! You are so blowing this out of the Water man! hahah … Water pun intended. 😉 I know it feels good doesn’t it? How are you feeling?? Oh, and how did the bike riding workout for you?? ….Shonnie

  2. Bonnie Gibb says:

    Ever track down the nutritional content of those ‘edibles’ we laughed so hard about?
    You are doing wonderfully, such a dramatic change from your before pictures.
    It is amazing that going through this, sparks such an awakening. It forces you to look within yourself and brings about an awareness, a sense of self that wasn’t there before.
    Keep it up, love the blog!

    • For those of you who are reading this and are not sure what she is talking about — Our Optifast group laughed for what must have been 15 minutes about what the calorie count and nutritional value of Edible Underwear were… This conversation was sparked by Optifast Jill.

  3. Woot!

    Keep up the great work. Someone around here needs to be losing weight since my scale refuses to move. 😛

    The Grumpy Man

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