Left is the first PET, Right is the second PET, You can see in her face that she is getting ready to strike!

A very long week. Sorry I have not posted.  Each week I try to post at least once before the weigh-in.


This week was very eventful since our very old cat, Tuna passed away.  It was beyond time, but nature sometimes has a way of keeping the machine going long after it should.

Tuna was our third cat. Fish was first, Sword was the second, and Tuna came after — they were a great friends to our goldfish: Deer & Antelope.

Tuna was our last connection to NYC and Brooklyn.  We moved to Brooklyn after 10 years in Manhattan. Tuna came to our doorstep in the rain. She was cold and sick. We fed her and she never went away. Eventually we let her in the house.  She had been somewhere that was not great because she was mean and crazy.  You could pet her two times and then the third time she went nuts and cut your hand, arm and went for the face. She was an insane bad kitty.  We thought after close to 14 years with us she would calm down and love us, but the old two pets and an attack never went away. Bad Bad Kitty!

There were a few good moments with the kids remembering the deep insanity of Tuna.  I buried her out by the tallest oak tree and said my private goodbye.

We will all miss her very much but we have the scares on our ankles to always remember her by!

  1. Shonnie says:

    I am so sorry you lost your kitty, but still you made me laugh.

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