If  Dorothy had moved to North Carolina and gave up the Kansas flat lands, she would have never uttered those famous words about Lions and Tigers and Bears. If she had been in my kitchen today when my wife returned from Trader Joe’s, she would have said, “Pretzels and Yogurt and Steak — Oh, my!”

There I was face to face with all the things I love.  Those were amazing steaks that I swear you can only get at Costco.  Trader Joe’s Pretzels —  the ones with the Peanut Butter inside.  I guess if you think about it, what is better than a Pretzel??? You guessed it, a Pretzel with Peanut Butter stuffed inside of it!  Serving Size :1 oz. Calories: 142. FAT: 7.5 grams but hey 4.7 grams of Protein.  I dare you to just eat one ounce.

Greek Yogurt. I love it. I looked at it. There was fruit inside… But wait — there is no fruit.  There is Fruit Juice and Citric Acid and something to make it like a jelly.  Yuck! (Secretly I would have eaten 3 of them.  I mean she had 3 different flavors.)

Grocery day used to be so much fun. I would help take the things out of the bag and open half the stuff and eat it before it got put away. Now my head is swimming and I feel sick.  My body is trying to tell me after 8 weeks that I need some of this stuff…. I deserve some of this… I have been so good. I have lost 80 lbs.  Come on….

I think of all the women all over this country that grocery shop for their families (and men too… After all I am a stay at home dad. I used to shop too.) — Then I think of all the women on Optifast and the shopping they have to do.  They have to prepare meals for families. They have to touch food, smell food, present food.  I have no idea how they can stay on the fast. Maybe that is why Shonnie is an Angry Fat Woman.  I completely understand… Looking at those steaks — I am getting pissed off right now!

Food is everywhere and I guess we all have to deal with it. — Optifast or not.  I felt so ill that I took a Optifast Shake right away and went to lay down.  I had to be forgiven, I just cannot put those groceries away.  Maybe later, Maybe in 6 months — who knows — but not today.

Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

  1. Shonnie says:

    OL ….. you are so right …. someday’s I can’t be around food without becoming angry. Once I made a lasagna and I was so proud of myself … total control and then the last 15 mins the smell kicked my rear so bad I became almost crazy. We can make it through — on this side getting a little food — I make it count. Has to be good or I just don’t bother!! Hand me a SHAKE!

    I am so feelin’ your pain on this one. I forgive you and I bet your family does too. They like you and want to keep you around for a LONG time! You made the best choice. 🙂 I feel goofy saying this, but I am so proud of you for grabbin’ your shake and leaving.

  2. People say I am an inspiration but the real inspirations are people with families that have to constantly be around food.

    I’ve lived in semi-hermit mode and there is literally NOTHING in my house to cheat on.

    I am amazed with people that can stick to it even around food. I really don’t have great willpower which may sound odd given I have dropped 130 pounds, but it is true.

    So Kudos to you for doing such a Fantastic job amidst all that dangerous food.

    Keep it up.

    The Grumpy Man

    • I know what you are saying, but there is nothing like laying down and watching TV or taking a walk or calling an old friend, to make you forget about the feast that is going on around you.

      You are an inspiration. 130 lbs. is amazing and for all of us who have more than 100 lbs. to loose, knowing that someone succeeded is a major comfort.

  3. I am totally with you. It is really hard being around food favorites. I’m lucky that I don’t happen to have to shop and cook. Wow, that would be so tough. It’s hard enough as it is. I was at an amusement park and walked by the garlic fried artichoke hearts stand and nearly swooned – I was ambushed by the sight and sound of the food and these “eaters” who though nothing about shoving them down their throats. I wanted to grab some and dump them over their heads! So I guess I’m a bit angry at times, too…

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