OK that was fast.

I have been pretty busy this week and it has all been pretty good.  The weigh-in kind of happened before I knew it.  Kind of nice to be on autopilot right now.  I have a post that I have been working on and it involves lots of pictures. I am almost done but not quite.  I intended on posting this week but like I said the week got ahead of me. That leaves for some good reading for the end of the week!

Kids get out of school this week on Friday for the summer.  I am very excited about it since I am a work-at-home/stay-at-home dad.  But with that comes lots of temptations of eating.  I am really in a groove right now to get some additional pounds off, however. I am trying hard to hit my goal for this summer of being under 325 lbs. by the time we go to Disney.  That means no eating when the kids are out — and no big 4th of July B-B-Q.

This week is -5.2 lbs.

Starting Weight: 449.8 lbs.

  • Week:           Weight           Week loss         Total Loss
  • Week 1:          422.8                -27.0                -27.0
  • Week 2:          414.6                  -8.2                -35.2
  • Week 3:          406.8                – 7.8                -43.0
  • Week 4:          395.0                 -11.8                -54.8
  • Week 5:          389.8                  -5.2                -60.0
  • Week 6:          384.8                  -5.0                -65.0
  • Week 7:          374.6                 -10.2                -75.2
  • Week 8:          368.0                  -6.6                -81.8
  • Week 9:          359.4                   -8.6               -90.4
  • Week 10:        353.0                   -6.4               -96.8
  • Week 11:         349.6                   -3.4             -100.2
  • Week 12:         344.4                   -5.2             -105.4

Before: Starting Weight 449.8 lbs.                                                                                                After: Ending Weight 344.4 lbs. -5.2 lbs.







  1. Congrats on the successful weigh-in! Our leaders tell us that our group (starting week 4) will soon get to an “auto-pilot” or “in the zone” time when it all becomes automatic. Good luck with the upcoming changes at your house with kids home, summer fun, etc. I’m sure those Disney vacation plans will help motivate you!

  2. Great job!

    My weight loss has slowed to a crawl. It doesn’t help that I have been eating a tad too much and I have a couple of minefields this weekend I need to cross.

    I won’t go nuts on the 4th but I consider that a holiday exemption so I will have 1 hot dog with the kitchen sink on it. It boggles my mind that my last hot dog was last July 4th.

    Keep up the fantastic work. I hope you are starting to see the change in the pictures that all of the rest of us can easily see. Heck you clothes must be falling off. That should be proof enough.

  3. Shonnie says:

    You are just rockin’ this thing BIG TIME! How exciting this is. I can see a major change man. I hope you get to where you can see it soon. I read this when you posted, and could have sworn that I commented. I love your comment on my blog. You crack me up with your embelishments of my exercise activities. You make me smile. Thanks!

  4. Misty says:

    You kept saying you couldn’t see the change, but look at the angle your arms are hanging down. And you are getting wrist bones!

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