15 weeks and counting.  I really did not think I lost anything this week.  Sometimes the body is due for a rest and I think I have one of those weeks coming up.  I do have the famous mom post for Thursday — so check back in…  Heading off to Florida on Thursday morning.  Hard to do a holiday at the beach without eating.  Oh, well. I have a plan in place and I plan to stick with it.

It was a busy week which included two dinners outside the house.  I had Diet Coke at both.  It also included lots of football practice in very hot temperatures and dealing with the kids at home for the summer.  I cannot wait to get out-of-town!

I did try to “smile” in the first photo — you can see the results were demonic.

This week is -4.6 lbs.

Starting Weight: 449.8 lbs.

  • Week:           Weight           Week loss         Total Loss
  • Week 1:          422.8                -27.0                -27.0
  • Week 2:          414.6                  -8.2                -35.2
  • Week 3:          406.8                – 7.8                -43.0
  • Week 4:          395.0                 -11.8                -54.8
  • Week 5:          389.8                  -5.2                -60.0
  • Week 6:          384.8                  -5.0                -65.0
  • Week 7:          374.6                 -10.2                -75.2
  • Week 8:          368.0                  -6.6                -81.8
  • Week 9:          359.4                   -8.6               -90.4
  • Week 10:        353.0                   -6.4               -96.8
  • Week 11:         349.6                   -3.4             -100.2
  • Week 12:         344.4                   -5.2             -105.4
  • Week 13:         339.0                   -5.4             -110.8
  • Week 14:         334.0                   -5.0             -115.8
  • Week 15:         329.4                   -4.6             -120.4

Before: Starting Weight 449.8 lbs.                                                                                                After: Ending Weight 329.4 lbs. -4.6 lbs.



  1. You are really looking good. Congrats on another dip in the scale. Will be sure to tune back in for the “mom post”! Good luck with the trip.

  2. Shonnie says:

    ED … love that attempted smile! Not demonic. Funny though. Haha. 😉

    Yea YOU! You have just blown this away … I am realing (I don’t think that is the corret sp). 120 pounds lost!!! Man! That is so exciting. How do you feel?? Do you see the changes now?? Do you feel the changes? Sorry, I know I am peppering you with questions, but inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Ok, it is simply not possible for you not to see your awesome results so far. It is crystal clear that you are kicking ass.


  4. Remember that plateaus are very common, and for me, the increase in exercise was building muscle mass that weighed more than fat, “sabotaging” the scale numbers. But having started at 450lbs (and ultimately losing 225lbs), the weekly numbers game simply became a game. I eventually had to add a can of tuna a day because I was at risk of losing muscle from rapid weight loss (replacing obesity with mercury poisoning :-)).

    On the slow weeks, I focused on what I could now do with less weight, and stopped worrying as much about the numbers.

    In fact, weight challenges are lifelong — I am still struggling with them as weight goes up and down. The biggest takeaway I kept 16 years after Optifast was my relentless exercise routine, which involves power walking at least one hour a day, every day. It allows me to maintain my freedom of movement — the biggest benefit I got from weight loss. I also learned you cannot beat yourself up over these issues no matter what the scale says. You just keep on doing the right things.

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