I have heard about it and have witnessed the near death experiences of friends who have lived through a computer crash…  Well, it finally happened to me.  I was sitting at my computer after I returned from Charleston playing football and suddenly my monitors went blank and my computer rebooted.  Then the worst thing I have ever seen — “Insert a bootable Disk!”  Are you kidding me…. ???

My hard drive was indeed dead.  I have had it for three years and it is on constantly.  I never put my PC to sleep or reboot it or shut it down…  So the drive gave up the ghost… Speaking of Ghost — I have Norton Ghost and I went to see if I have a good copy!  I did… The most I would have missed was from 2am until 4pm when I returned from Charleston.

I ran to Best Buy (whom I hate hate hate) and bought a hard drive…. I will spare you the details, but to get my 500GB drive back took close to 3 days.  It did work — and I am back up and running which honestly is a miracle — I had to try several different scenarios to “get back” to where I was….

Anyways, I am here, and I have what seems to be what I had before…

Back to business blogging on my weight loss…

  1. i’m glad you got your files back!

  2. Glad you were able to recover.

    I am awaiting week 20 results. 😀

  3. Shonnie says:

    Hate computer malfunctions! Glad you are back with us. You have been rockin’ your weight loss. 😀

  4. You are killing me. No pictures last week and no report this week. And where are the follow up chairs.

    Optifast….. you got some splannin to do.


  5. I live in dread of my hard disk crashing! Supposedly my husband is backing stuff up but I often find out (from IT folks at work) that those who claim to be doing backup aren’t always able to do recovery! It is scary to think of losing all the parts of our lives that are now on the computer. I’m glad your situation worked out though was probably stressful when it happened. Looking forward to future postings!

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