An update: The Chairs of my former FAT LIFE…

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Day to Day
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This is an update to my popular post from the past.  If you are not familiar you might want to look back and read it. (This is the second version of this post because somehow when I published it there was nothing saved.)

So here it goes…

The first chair is actually a booth.  The IHOP booth.  It has to be the tightest booth in history.  I used to be very uncomfortable in this booth and I even had several people offer me a table instead (“which I am sure you will find more comfortable!”) But I will admit I must have looked terrible in it.  Recently my kids asked me to take them there for breakfast.  While I drank coffee and water, they dined on Chocolate Chip Pancakes with a smiley face made of whipped cream on the top. I looked at the menu and even the “light” selections were a horror.  So here I am now in the booth —

It may look tight in the picture but really it was fine.  It felt great! I tried to smile for Shonnie (Diaryofanangryfatwoman) but it was not to be done.  Look at those legs baby!

The next is the chair that is in the Dining Room at my parent’s apartment building.  You have to wear a coat to eat there.  My dad always said I could wear a t-shirt and jeans and then a coat.  I just hated getting out that size 60 coat.  It was bigger than a ship sail. And then there was the chair!  This chair had these horrible sides.  They dig into your legs and push your hips and behind out the side of the chair.  You sit there with the pain of those sides sticking your legs and knowing that your fat out the side might touch the floor.  I avoided this chair at all costs…

I can sit in it now but in my mind I sent insults to it and I hope it can hear them!

Finally, the tree swing.  I took these a few weeks ago.  It took quite a nerve.  I have visions of the tree limb giving way and crashing down on my daughter as she took pictures.  I told her to stay back and that if she heard a CRACK to run for the house…  No matter how much weight you lose, if you were once heavy, you just imagine the worse….










So there is what I have collected right now.  I will continue to look for more chairs.  Please pass on pictures of your worst nightmares.  I look forward to seeing the “Chairs of your former FAT LIFE!”

(I am working on a new post you might like — Swimsuits and Swimming in Public…)


  1. Shonnie says:

    hey … you have a smile in the swing! Thanks for trying to smile … you got some skinny legs. 🙂 You are just melting away. I totally understand the joys of fitting into a booth. Enjoy my friend. 🙂

    • I was reading your blog tonight. The fact that you continue to work it out shows how dedicated you are — I know you will get to where you want Shonnie. Just relax into it and the right path will show itself.

      • Shonnie says:

        Thanks OL! You are a sweetheart to say so. I am will never give up or give in. I may not be happy about going back to transition 1, but I will make it through.

  2. cookieless says:

    Your first chair post was the one that got my mom to say that maybe Optifast wasn’t a crazy scam and I could do it.

    I love following your progress, even as it relates to your relationship with chairs.

  3. Booths were my nemesis. Heck most restaurants were a terror filled adventure. I used to have to run ahead of everyone to pick out the best seat. I still think some hostesses out their purposely stick overweight people in booths out of spite. 😛

    I’ve got a chair for you. The bleacher style seating at LSU. I stopped going to see LSU games because they give you a tiny amount of space to sit in and I would spill over into the people next to me. Same with Saints games although ticket prices actually stopped me there.

    Amusement parks were off my list because I couldn’t fit in most rides.

    I haven’t flown anywhere in a long time, but I was worried about being charged for 2 seats.

    It is great to once again have many options with no fear of being embarrassed.

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