Weigh-In — End of Week 20 & 21

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Weigh-in
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A very productive week.  A very busy two weeks.  I am a commodities trader and I trade currencies as well.  So there have been many sleepless nights with what is going on in the world of finance.  Football, Football Football.  Seems like I am driving all the time to football practice.  This week I had some real chances to cheat but I had to get back on track. I did a few meals out with the family while travelling.  So two weeks and I averaged what normally do in one.  That is fine.  I must have a little break.

So from this point on I have to get back on the diet hard. I have 60 lbs. to go to my goal and I really want to get there.  At that point I will have lost 200 lbs. I also wanted to be under 300 lbs. by my birthday (Aug. 25th). That is the first day of school here and I wanted to be proud of myself as I took my kids into the building.  I wanted to not have to shrink away when there was an activity or lunch so that someone would not ask my kids why their dad was so fat.  So will two weeks left and 10 lbs. to go — I gotta get crackin’!

This week is -4.8 lbs.

Starting Weight: 449.8 lbs.

  • Week:           Weight           Week loss         Total Loss
  • Week 1:          422.8                -27.0                -27.0
  • Week 2:          414.6                  -8.2                -35.2
  • Week 3:          406.8                 -7.8                 -43.0
  • Week 4:          395.0                -11.8                 -54.8
  • Week 5:          389.8                 -5.2                 -60.0
  • Week 6:          384.8                 -5.0                 -65.0
  • Week 7:          374.6                -10.2                 -75.2
  • Week 8:          368.0                 -6.6                 -81.8
  • Week 9:          359.4                  -8.6                -90.4
  • Week 10:        353.0                  -6.4                -96.8
  • Week 11:         349.6                  -3.4              -100.2
  • Week 12:        344.4                  -5.2               -105.4
  • Week 13:        339.0                  -5.4               -110.8
  • Week 14:        334.0                  -5.0               -115.8
  • Week 15:        329.4                  -4.6               -120.4
  • Week 16/17:  324.4                  -5.0               -125.4
  • Week 18:        319.6                  -4.8               -130.2
  • Week 19:        314.8                  -4.8               -135.0
  • Week 20/21: 310.0                  -4.8               -139.8

Before: Starting Weight 449.8 lbs.                                                                                                After: Ending Weight310.0 lbs. -4.8 lbs.



  1. Shonnie says:

    Lookin’ good man! You are so rockin’ this thing. 🙂 You feelin’ good yet?

    • I have never played a season of football that my feet did not hurt and I was not at the Ortho every week. I have never felt better honestly… Even when I was as young as I look… LOL

      • Shonnie says:

        That is so awesome Ed. I am pretty happy too … except for the whole going back to week 1 thing. I know what you mean about the feet. You have to be having a blast with the football. I know it is easier to get around and I bet you are harder to catch. 🙂

  2. paulbentley says:

    Looking really good man. Ditto what Shonnie says. A few weeks a go you were saying how you can’t see the change. Surely now, yes?


    You mentioned you are a trader. What do you think of ‘day trading’? It’s something I’m looking at.


    • Day Trading is basically 50/50. You win for awhile and then the house takes it all back. I am friends with several S&P mini traders and they are up and down all the time. My advice is to do it because you love it — only use money that you can afford to lose — if you can do it as a hobby for 2 years and you come out ahead — then become a full time day trader. My experience is that at the end of two years you will have replenished your kitty several times and not made any money. But if you love it and you enjoy it then look at it like a vacation — put the money aside that you would take to go on vacation and play with it until it is gone. If it is never gone then you are a professional day trader and I take my hat off for you! Hope that helps.

      • paulbentley says:

        Thanks for that. The more I read, the more it sounds like ‘a gamble’ not a trade, if that makes sense. I suppose some would say all trading is gambling, but, I don’t know or understand enough to truly comment. Day Trading on the other hand (in it’s simplest form) seems to be micro predictions against positive or negative trends.

        I think I’d be best leaving it well alone. I loved the ‘vacation fund’ idea. I think I’ll take the vacation instead.

        Thanks for your advice.

  3. Mike Wilson says:

    Congratulations on your continued success.

  4. cookieless says:

    Not only is your progress amazing, but I like that I can see your loss by the change in your appearance and the change in how much of that picture on the wall I can see.

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