So I have not disappeared and I have not gone off the wagon…

I had a wicked computer virus that I may have mentioned before.  I never have had one before and am always careful not to open something or to scan something before using it.  I made the fatal mistake of downloading some freeware photo software for my wife (who is a photographer) and it whacked me bad.  I knew right away as my virus software lite up like a Christmas Tree.

I tried everything and even talked to some virus experts that I know.  The virus was a variation of a Russian virus that had been released before and then re-programmed for 9/11.  The virus protection companies were aware of it and were working on a fix.

I had a very good backup and so after several days of trying to fix, I formatted my computer and did a restore.  Overnight I woke up to find that the virus was back and that it had spread while I was asleep.  I tried to fix with new software and again I was forced to eventually format my computer and start all over with the restore.

Last night the virus appeared again — and I realized that it was in the “good” backup that I had.  I was putting it back on to my PC over and over again!  This time — I found out there was a fix for it and I cleaned my PC and it appears to be gone….

arrrggggggg.d.*8kkd8** ***… * — Oh, no… It.adsfekjei it is back…d87934i9w3rklfje548i

Just kidding…. LOL…

So as for my weigh in… I messed around last week (as it was also my wedding anniversary) and I broke even — nothing gained and nothing lost… I still have not been “good” this week… Tomorrow is my weigh in and I might have lost something…

Last night — I signed up and committed myself again… I am back on the straight and narrow and I really am motivated.  I have lost 75% of my goal and am only 50 lbs. away.  I have come too far to just throw it all away… So I will be working very hard this week and if no additional virus — I shall be posting and getting caught up with all of you kind folks who are on this journey to Optifast Nirvana with me!

  1. Misty says:

    It is so good to see a new post from you! I just started yesterday and you are one of my inspirations! Sorry about the virus. I know they are a pain.

  2. I am sure you used these but if not here is a checklist for the future.

    1.Download malwarebytes
    5.Hitman Pro

    Enter Safe Mode with networking option on your computer. Usually I think F8 or F12 at load up.

    Run RKILL
    Run Malwarebytes

    Google Eset Online scan follow directions and run
    Run Hitman Pro
    If Hitman still finds something then it is time to head back to Safe Mode with networking.

    Combo Fix
    I have used this program numerous time with no problem but it is considered the nuclear option and can in some instances make things worse. Never happened to me but just warning you.

    Restart and try hitman pro again. Things should be clean.

    Also for future reference, Sign up for the forum and those guys will take you step by step through the healing process BUT YOU MUST follow their rules. They have a checklist of things you must do before posting. Do them or they may not help you.

    Just for future reference. 😀

  3. Shonnie says:

    OK, Mr. Ed.

    I have to say I miss you. You have been far too quite. Fix that blasted computer already or I am gonna don my cape and come after you! 😉

  4. Good to see you posting! Yes, you’ve come so far, and can go the distance I’m sure! Optifast is awesome when you follow it faithfully – I’m a believer. 😉 Good luck and keep posting…

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