The Bistro La Bon for lunch.  Not my choice.  My wife’s birthday lunch selected by her parents and the birthday girl herself.  I opened the menu. Oh boy… Nothing I can eat here. I listen to everyone’s order.  No inspiration there.  The waitress asks me… Long Pause.  Finally, I feel my mouth moving but I am having an “out of my body” experience. I am turning into one of those people… “I would like the protein but no sauces please.” “No rice please.” Oh no, there is more.  “I would like the grilled vegetables but I do not want any oil on them if possible.”  “Can you add more grilled veggies since there is no rice?” — Finally, “The side salad.  Yes, but dressing on the side and if you have a low-fat honey mustard that would be great….”
I could see everyone looking at each other.  My family — they knew that something horrible must have taken over my body…  I smiled and looked down.  I was hoping that this could all just go away.
The waitress looked at me (she had to be half my age by the way) — Here it comes… But not at all what I expected.
“Healthy Boy here I see!” she said. The eyes of my wife suddenly moved and I saw red lasers come out of her eyes… The waitress smiled and said that she would bring me more water. My father-in-law raised his glass of empty beer but it was too late she was gone.
I sang — “happy birthday to me…” under my breath.  “Yeah”, my wife said, “Happy Birthday to you….”
  1. Shonnie says:

    WOW! what a tough lunch. Yea! About the waitress being so agreeable–that is truly awesome. Sorry it wasn’t fun for your wife. If it helps I think you made the right choice–we have worked way too hard to quit now.

    I am about to go through all that the weekend following Turkey day. We have a family reunion–I am taking MY food. There will be the people saying, “Take a break–you deserve it.” They will be telling me, “You don’t need to lose another ounce.” And on and on. I will report back all the different comments at our family reunion. It could be fun–or painful–we shall see.

    I have health goals — NOT skinny goals. I have lost a LOT of medication and I still have a bit more to go and when that goes away or I get to 130 (which I might add is in the upper limit weight area for my height) I will stop even if the meds don’t go away. If I push that far (to 130) it will be so that when I start lifting weights I have some comfortable room for gain. 😀

  2. 130? You will look like a flag post at that weight. 😀

    Great job on making your lunch as healthy as possible. We need to do something to keep up with Shonnie. She has been a whirling dervish of weight loss lately.

    I’m procrastinating at the moment. I need to leave NOW to get my bike ride in…. so off I go… 😛

    • Shonnie says:

      your funny grumpy! I got room to burn down to 130. I kinda don’t like sharin’ those parts of me. 😀 Mike and rode for a short while — so missing my rides. We had some strong winds today that almost blew me to the ground. 😀

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