I did not have a weigh-in this week. That was actually a good thing — as I think I either pushed or I gained a little. I did not try very hard. The Turkey Challenge continues but being thumped by Angry Shonnie seems hardly worth trying… Ha Ha. Go Shonnie!

Grumpy and I are left to just try to keep up a good front and continue to work as hard as we can. Wednesday Morning is the final day for the Turkey Challenge. I will post the results… Gulp…

I am headed to the brother-in-laws in Washington, D.C. for the holiday. I am going to post some things, but I will not be doing a weigh-in. I am going to give myself a week to get back from where I left off.

I will start the x-mas challenge at that point. Maybe we can throw a gas card or something into the mix? Whaddya guys think?

Have a great weekend!

  1. Shonnie says:

    That is so funny — thumped by Angry-little-ole-me! Hahaha! You both have whooped my rear 150 and 160 PLUS pounds lost!! Seriously. I am very excited about FINALLY moving down again! Sounds cool — the Christmas Challenge — maybe I can kick butt again! snickering wickedly as she fades into the night …. S

  2. You guys need to continue with the Christmas Redemption Challenge. Shonnie kicked out butts Ed. 😀

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