Well Shonnie kicked our male butts… But this is no surprise really.  Any woman who can hang upside down while her trainer punches her in the stomach and calls her names can surely take me in a challenge.  I may still play semi-pro football, but it is nothing compared to crawling under barbed wire at 6am and having people make sounds like grenades going off from the sidelines.  We had no chance really did we Grumpy?

I pushed again this week for anyone counting. I am taking a few weeks off from weighing-in.  I will post some other crazy stuff.  I am headed to Washington, D.C. I am going to run my first 5k with my daughter.  Last year I stood in the rain at the side of the road and cheered her on.  It was an incredibly sad moment in my life.  I worked hard this year to get that moment back and to change it.

So I will be posting some food for thought, some exercise in our Nation’s Capitol, and some family musings. Hope everyone has a great holiday and check back from time to time and drop a comment about what you did on your holiday.

When I get back — the Christmas Challenge begins… And to ensure our victory grumpy — I think we should take a drive and maybe pay a visit to Shonnie’s trainer!

  1. Shonnie says:

    Hahaha! You are a riot! You had better watch out, my trainer has family in D.C. she may be small but she can be dangerous. Just ask the x-marine. hehehe!

  2. She whipped us good BUT….you should feel good that your challenge helped motivate her and got her moving in the right direction again. 😀

    Now for the Xmas Challenge, you need to get in gear. 😛

    I would like to hit somewhere in the 155-158 range by Christmas so I will join in on the challenge and this time NO Carbs for me.

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