Well, I ran the Turkey Trot.  I ate a small Thanksgiving Dinner.  And then I just kind of went off the rails.  I did not do anything crazy, I just stopped trying.  I can’t tell you why… And what really stinks is all the great wonderful food I could have had — But I didn’t.  I gained 10 lbs. and had no fun and really did not try to lose or gain weight.  I guess I kind of hit the wall.  I went back to Angry Shonnie’s blog and I kind of went through what she went through.  While she kept trying and adjusting her plan — I did not — for me it just was a matter of no plan, no thought, and no diet.

So I had my fun (or not) and I have to get going.  I figured out that I needed a goal and a plan.  I went to my Optifast Meeting which was great.  There is a new group of people and excitement is coming back into the program.  You know people come and go and Optifast rises and falls, but I do keep going.  I will keep going for as much and as long as I can. I stopped going to the meeting because my son was playing football for the first time and he really needed me.  His main practice was on the same night as Optifast.  Sitting there I realized that I need to come and I need to fess up to my life.  The Optifast Program Group Meeting makes me think and ponder and ultimately makes me focus.

Grumpy posted a “where the heck are you” message — which was very helpful as well.  It got me realizing that when I am taking pictures and posting and showing off my old shape and my new shape that I am motivated not to embarrass myself… Ha Ha.  Really it is true.

So, I made a goal.  I want to lose 200 lbs. in a year.  That is my ultimate goal.  So instead of counting the weeks going up… I am going to start counting the weeks going down until I get to the one year date.  So I will be posting pictures again but it will be a countdown in weeks until the 1 year anniversary date.

The other thing I decided was to go back through my Optifast Maintenance Plan.  I am going to start with Week 1 Maintenance and then expand to Week 2 and then expand to Week 3.

So I have a plan and I have a goal… Watch out — Here we go again!

(And I will start posting more again Grumpy…. I miss you too!)

DAY 1 — MARCH 2ND, 2011.


  1. If you’ve read my blog, you know I go off the rails from time to time. 😀

    Just as long as you right the cart and get back on the rails, things will be fine.

    You just had a lull in motivation after such a tremendous loss. It happens. You just need to snap back to attention and get back to doing what worked.

    Which was Optifast, taking and posting the pics and keeping us entertained. 😀

    I know you can do this. Good luck!

  2. Molly says:

    This question is really about me – but I am using you as a sounding board since you are nearing the end of your weight loss phase – if you still have weight to lose, why do they put you on maintenance? Can you not stay on Optifast until you are at or very close to goal? Since I don’t have a group – just a psuedo-doctor (an actual MD – but his “clinic” looks like a house on hoarders and all he does is sell diet products out of there – I have some funny stories about him I’ll share sometime) I have no idea if I can stay on Optifast until I’m very near goal.

    • Optifast says that going beyond 16 weeks of the fast you will see a slower weight loss and it can cause liver damage.
      So they make you take a break…
      You can take a break for 3-4 weeks and start back again.
      But this is not a hard stop. As long as your blood work looks good and your weight loss has not stalled — you can keep going.

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