Week 2 of Year 2.

There are two things I learned this week —

1. Journaling (Keeping a Diet Diary) is important for weight loss.

2. Keeping up with my blog — basically owning up to my week in weight — helps you lose weight.


Throw out your Diet Diary and stop blogging and you will gain weight… Also, a healthy portion of alcohol helps too!

You can’t lose weight on alcohol.  You just can’t.  Those handcrafted micro brews —- ahhhh, I should stop now.


It was a good week.  Week 2 and I continue on my journey towards a new record and towards my goal.

Grumpy — thanks for the post — I hear you calling…


New Starting Weight: 320 lbs.

Week                       Weight             Total

  • 1                                 315.9               -4.1
  • 2                                 314.0              -1.9
  1. Alcohol – one of my triggers too!! Sadly. Glad you are back blogging and tracking.

  2. And I’m going to keep on calling until you reach your goal! 😀

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