Week 2 of Year 2.

Still headed in the right direction.  Tough week. Spent much of the time thinking about dieting and how I hated being in this position.  Maybe that is good.  Only real determination and pain will make me remember how hard it was to get this weight off.  It was a good week with the family and such. My son is busy with Lacrosse and Flag Football. My daughter had All-State Chorus.  Lots of driving around.  But I found time to walk and think.  So tough for weight loss but a good solid week of living.  — Southern Style of course!.


New Starting Weight: 320 lbs.

  • Week                       Weight             Total
  • 1                                 315.9              -4.1
  • 2                                 314.0              -1.9
  • 3                                 312.0              -2.0
  1. Keep it up. It is worth the short lived misery. 😀

    Short term pain, long term happiness. 😀

  2. Ahem!

    It is Wednesday! Where is the weekly report. And if you slipped again, get back UP!

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