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A good week.  I tried very hard. It did not show big time on the scales, but at least it was a loss.  I am happy to be back at it again. I will try to do an update this week.  I have been busy working.

New Starting Weight: 333.0 lbs.


Weight                                                            Total +/-

  • 331.0 lbs.                                                            -2.0 lbs.


So here we are back at it again. I am going back to the picture thing…. Basically, because if I do the picture, I think I will do the diet.  My Optifast Clinic is closing.  I have to find a new meeting somewhere.  Life throws you these curves, but I am determined to overcome it.  Grumpy lost the weight without a group and without a clinic.

I crack myself up with the photo.  I moved my office so I picked a new place to take the weekly pic. OK, so next time — move the dog dishes & clean up the dirty clothes pile sitting outside the laundry room.

New Starting Weight: 333.0 lbs.











What can I say — I need to get back to it.  I had not wanted to blog for awhile.  There are various reasons but I was reminded by many that when I was blogging, I was losing weight.  Thank you Grumpy for staying on to me.  So I am going to do this again.  I can promise that every Tuesday you will get a new photo and a weigh-in and I can promise to post some interesting observations one a week — about Friday or Saturday.  But I cannot promise more than that. 

I appreciate all the comments and encouragement.  I am humbled by the fact that many of you like my style of writing.  But I must do this because it is the only way I lose weight.  So I am back…. Like it or not.  Tomorrow is the weigh-in and the first photo.