So here we are back at it again. I am going back to the picture thing…. Basically, because if I do the picture, I think I will do the diet.  My Optifast Clinic is closing.  I have to find a new meeting somewhere.  Life throws you these curves, but I am determined to overcome it.  Grumpy lost the weight without a group and without a clinic.

I crack myself up with the photo.  I moved my office so I picked a new place to take the weekly pic. OK, so next time — move the dog dishes & clean up the dirty clothes pile sitting outside the laundry room.

New Starting Weight: 333.0 lbs.











  1. Yay!

    Ha! Love the new spot.

    Great to see you back!!!

  2. I’m ready for the next set of pics and numbers!

  3. I just got my staff photographer to make the photos for this week — and I left my iphone downstairs… but I lost 2 pounds and I will update the site in a little bit…

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