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I can count up my weight gains in 5 lb. chunks. From one vacation to the next.  From one business trip to the next.  From one party to the next. I never gained weight gradually.  In fact, I could maintain my weight at the same level for a long time.  Now mind you — I could never lose weight.  I would stay the same then go on a vacation and BAM! — 5 lb. gain.   Then the whole thing would start over again.  Each and every time I would swear that I would get it off on the days following my return.  Each and every time it would stay with me and it would never come off.

Well, I am back in that same cycle again.  I had a trip to Disney — then I had a trip to the beach — and now I am about to embark on a trip to San Francisco.  (Hello Santa Clara Roblox Convention!) The first two trips have so far proven to be the weight gain that I expected.  But today I am determined to break this long cycle.  Scientists use the Bell Curve to show a predictable cycle.  I think it fits here.  I have a good long period of maintenance followed buy a weight gain to the top of the curve.  Now if the science is true, I should be able to change my habits, my diet, my mindset and head back down to where I started.  To lose what I gained and get back to the norm.  Yesterday was the first day and today I am writing my blog (which keeps me on track) — I want to get it back.  I want to break the cycle of the 5 lb. chunk!