Spring Break — Yes, I went out-of-town and yes I gained weight.  I will tell you that I am back on track and did not go off the rails too much.  Most of the problem was eating and driving.  If I ate just carrots while I drove it would have been fine, but I did not.  My general snack food is baby carrots and pretzels — no fat pretzels that are high in protein and low in carbs.  (Hard Sourdough are the best in that category.)

I could count my weight gains in chunks of 5 lbs. I would gain quickly and not be able to get it off.  Every Monday I would start a new diet and every Tuesday I would say next Monday I will start a new diet.  This time I only gained a little and I got right back on the diet — not caring if it was Monday or not.  The other thing I will say is that I remind myself that it is very painful to lose weight – but when you gain weight you don’t say — Wow!  I really ate some good stuff.  I had the best lasagna of my life!  No, the food is never worth the weight gain.

So, I am working hard this week.  Disney with the family is coming and I would like to be below 300 lbs. before I get on those rides!

New Starting Weight: 320 lbs.

  • Week                       Weight             Total
  • 1                                 315.9              -4.1
  • 2                                 314.0              -1.9
  • 3                                 312.0              -2.0
  • 4                                  N/A               N/A
  • 5                                  314.0             +2.0



  1. Good to see you back here. 😀

    Good luck dropping the weight before you hit Disney.

  2. Sharon Mackinlay says:

    I enjoy reading your posts and am pleased you have returned. You’re so right about the food never being worth the weight gain. I started my journey with optifast (Australia) but now am trying to keep losing with exercise and healthy food. I seem to have an all or nothing mentality (ie the start again Monday thing) and since Easter have been struggling to stay on track. It is amazing the damage that can be done in a short few days … I think I sometimes treat the countdown to “the Monday re-start” like the Last Supper!

    It should be so easy but it never is!

    Stay strong and thank you for the posts, I find them to sometimes be that little bit of inspiration I need to stay focused.

    Beaconsfield (Melbourne, Australia)

    • Most of us gain it all back and then some… Keep working hard… I know you are aware it is worth it. So hard to just keep it off. I wish you much luck and thank you for checking in.

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