I worked pretty hard this week but the results were not very good.  I have been doing this long enough to know that once you right the ship, your body may take a little time to catch up.  You may not see the weight loss right away but it will come.  I once had a woman in our Optifast Group that said she lost inches not weight.  She could see the inches but the scale did not tell her the right story. In the end, she lost lots of weight and lots of inches.  So with that in mind, I keep working hard — I keep planning, eating well, and walking. I keep going to the YMCA and swimming. And I will see the “inches” and eventually the weight.

Disney with the family is coming and I would like to be below 300 lbs. before I get on those rides!

New Starting Weight: 320 lbs.

  • Week                       Weight             Total
  • 1                                 315.9              -4.1
  • 2                                 314.0              -1.9
  • 3                                 312.0              -2.0
  • 4                                  N/A               N/A
  • 5                                  314.0             +2.0
  • 6                                  314.0              -0.0



  1. sweetopiagirl says:

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  2. Janet says:

    Going to the informational meeting tonight – excited but very nervous too. It is way past time for me to do this…..looking at about 65 pounds to lose and wondering how I let this happen.

  3. I know it is frustrating but staying the course is better than going UP Up and Away! I’ve had a bit of a stumble but I am back on track as of today.

    More good days than bad and that scale will get moving in the right direction.

  4. C’mon! Get back to work! 😛

  5. Come on back. We miss your posts.

  6. We all miss you Ed! Get back on the wagon!

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