A good week.  No picture.  We are busy getting ready for the End of the School Year Party and I could not ask my wife to do it… She is just too busy… so next week — the week before we head to Disney!

New Starting Weight: 333.0 lbs.


           Weight                                                            Total +/-

  • 331.0 lbs.                                                            -2.0 lbs.
  • 330.0 lbs                                                             -1.0 lbs.
  1. Shonnie says:

    WTG–Loser man!

    I lost almost to goal and my family said Iooked too sickly. They like me the 20lbs heavier. They think I look healthier and Mike sez I am sexier–I don’t know what to think about him–sept he is messed up in the head. I am not gonna muck with that—so I sit here NOT happy with everyone around me cheering because they like my new 179 weight. I am so aggravated with that hideous number! Just sayin. There are always issues! 😀

    Keep up the GREAT WORK! Glad to have you back.

  2. Boo at no pics! Yay at the loss.

  3. Where ya at? I need some inspiration. Mine has been faltering a bit lately. 😛

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